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Born in Constantza, Romania, CHRISTINA COPUZEANU SIMCIC, graduated from the Art Academy in Bucharest in addition to studying architecture.

Following a move to Austria, Christina began designing costumes, garnering an originality award at the 1990 Carnival in Venice where the group wearing her costumes was featured in several publications.

After moving to Canada, she acquired a bachelor degree in Visual Merchandising specializing in costume design and textiles. In 1992, Christina won the Ontario Costume Design competition -first and second prize ?Toronto ?organized by the Ryerson Institute. Her works were on display at the University of Toronto and at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Upon moving to New York, Christina began working for many leading home textiles companies as a textile designer. She also designed Christmas ornaments for Christopher Radko, a leader in collectible ornaments. Her graphic skills were also rewarded by being chosen to do illustrations for the book “Walking with a shadow? a tribute to cancer survivors, written by Dr. Nanci Sullivan and published in September 2004.

Maison Cappellari has been the artist’s company for the past eight years, completing murals and faux finishes in residential and commercial environments. The projects are from minor decorative paintings to elaborated works, and traveling to complete a room-escape allover United States or Canada has been part of the business.

For Christina, creating wall murals is the culmination of all her training ?from painting canvases, designing costumes, studying architecture and creating textiles. Her experience in all these areas has helped her to visualize fine art murals with classic or modern themes from understated borders to sublime room environments. 

Please take a few moments to browse through the Photo Gallery and get in touch with any questions.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about expressing ourselves through art in different forms.


It is a journey of imagination.
It is a change in your daily life.
It is an escape from your own surroundings.

Faux finishes, decorative painting and trompe l’oeil murals are tools to create escapes from the ordinary. The possibilities of transforming walls, ceilings and other surfaces by changing their colors and textures, adding images or applying patterns, are endless. It is fascinating to see how the mood of a room can be altered, how a beautiful architectural feature can be enhanced or how an unpleasant part of a room can be disguised.

In order to select a suitable effect for a home, one must consider many things -- architectural details, fabrics and furniture ?to see how they combine to create a desired room environment. The decorative treatment provided by paints and varnishes can often harmonize a room by bringing disparate elements together.

For nearly a decade, I have been helping people create the vision they see for their room environments. It is a privilege to have you browse my website. Here you will find a wide variety of different environments individually designed for a wide variety of clients.

Please look at all the different roomscapes for you may find a finish you like or a different idea that can be adapted to your circumstances. For any questions, please contact me and I will do my best in providing you with the best available answer.
Please understand that every mural or wall finish is customized. Every project is unique and cannot be replicated; we can certainly use the same idea ?for example “landscape with ruin walls?- but it will not become a copy of an existing project.

Your input in the design process is critical. After all, you will be the person living in the room’s environment long after I have finished your mural. To have a smile on your face when the work is completed is the best feedback and the most wonderful reward for me.

Thank you!

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