Custom Decoration and Restoration
for your home or business

It is a journey of imagination.
It is a change in your daily life.
It is an escape from your own surroundings.


Faux finishes, decorative painting and trompe l’oeil murals are the tools to create escapes from the ordinary. The possibilities of transforming the walls, ceilings and innumerable other surfaces by changing the colors and textures, adding images or applying patterns are endless. It is fascinating to see how the mood of a room can be altered, or how a beautiful architectural feature can be enhanced, or how some unpleasant part of a room can be disguised.

In order to select a suitable effect for your home, you have to consider that many things combine together to evoke that special feel you are looking for; the architectural details, the fabrics used in the room, the furniture. With them in mind, the subtlest influence is the decorative treatment provided by paints and varnishes ?and the variety of decorative finishes is enormous.

It is a privilege to have you take the time to browse these pages, where you will find all sorts of artistic expressions, most of them connected with the reality of spaces for living.

Do not let yourselves be led by a certain category. You can always find a finish that you like, or a different idea that can be adapted to your circumstances, in another group of designs. For any questions, please contact me and I will do my best in providing you with the best available answer.

Note: Please understand that every mural or wall finish is customized, accordingly with the space. Every project is unique and cannot be replicated; we can certainly use the same idea, for example “landscape with ruin walls, but it will not become a copy of an existing project.

And, most important, your cooperation as a client, and person who will live around that painted surface, are invited to be part of the creation project. To have a smile on your face when the work is completed is the best feedback and the most wonderful reward for myself. Trusting my talent is the second.

Thank you!

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